The Bankgiro system

The Bankgiro system is an open payment system. It is available for both the payer and the payee regardless of who you bank with.

Bankgirot is one payment system

Whatever your bank is and whatever banks your suppliers and customers use, you can always pay and be paid through Bankgirot.

Bankgirot is the payment system for the Swedish market in which all banks are included. The respective banks offer the price of the Bankgirot services in competition with all other banks.

The bank connects your bank account with a Bankgiro number. On the day of payment, a withdrawal is made from the payer's account and a deposit is made to the payee.

You reach all suppliers

You can reach all your suppliers from your supplier ledger or internet or mobile bank. The payer addresses the payment to the Bankgiro number advised by the payee and the payment is made in full on the date that the payer states on the payment instruction.

All your customers reach you

All your customers - private individuals or companies - can pay to your Bankgiro number.

The recipient of the payments decides which bank account the Bankgiro number is to be connected to.

The payment is entered in the payee's account on the day of payment and information about payments is simultaneously made available on the internet bank or business system as a file.

If you change banks, Bankgirot goes with you

The Bankgirot services that are used for incoming and outgoing payments are linked to the company's Bankgiro number.

The Bankgiro number is linked to the relevant account at the company's bank.

If the company changes bank, the new account number at the new bank is connected with the existing Bankgiro number.

Communication and security

Secure transfer of data files is important when it comes to your company’s money. Bankgirot offers a number of methods for file transfers to and from your company, depending on the size of the company and the type of IT equipment used. Electronic anti-tampering protection provides security against the file being manipulated during the transfer between your company and Bankgirot.