Bankgiro Link

Secure communication with Bankgirot.

On June 10 the Bankgiro Link version 1.2 closed and from now applies only version 2.0

Bankgiro Link

Bankgiro Link is an efficient communications solution for processing payment assignments via the internet, directly to and from your ERP-system (Enterprise Resource Planning system).

The service is aimed at companies that send and receive files from Bankgirot and who are looking for efficient processing. Bankgiro Link is a solution that suits most businesses.

With Bankgiro Link you can:

  • send, collect and approve files
  • stop or erase files
  • obtain status information about your files
  • get confirmation that the files are correct

Bankgiro Link has an authorisation system that allows you to authorise different people to send, retrieve and approve payments. As a user you identify yourself using your electronic signature (Electronic ID, EID). The files you send have both view and change protection.

Software for Bankgiro Link

In order to use Bankgiro Link, your finance system needs to be compatible with the service. Check compatibility with your software provider. If your system is not compatible, independent Bankgiro Link software is available which can be used with your finance system.

Bankgiro Link has an open interface, allowing software providers to integrate solutions for file transfer to and from Bankgirot with their software. In this way the company’s processes are simplified.

Safe and secure with Bankgiro Link

Electronic ID identifies users

In order to ensure that the right person deals with the payment information, your identity is checked each time you use Bankgiro Link. An Electronic ID is required in order to log on and to check your user authorisation.

View protection and change protection through encryption and signature

The files you send to Bankgirot have a digital signature so that they cannot be altered. Each file is signed electronically. The payment information is then sent via a secure internet connection to Bankgirot, which checks that the information has not been modified or altered during the transfer. In addition, when you use Bankgiro Link, the files are always encrypted when they are transferred to and from the Bankgiro Link application.


Each time you use Bankgiro Link your authorisation is checked. An authorisation is the right to send, approve or retrieve a file for a certain bankgiro number and a product. Bankgiro Link’s detailed authorisation system enables you to provide each user with an individual authorisation. Bankgiro Link supports requirements for more than one person to approve a payment. Bankgiro Link supports approval with up to nine persons jointly.

Authorisation check

If your bank has chosen to connect Bankgiro Link to its authorisation register, your authorisation will be checked with the bank when approving files.

Bankgiro Link’s security is based on proven standards

The security solution in Bankgiro Link is based on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and uses the protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for communication between Bankgirot and the bank customer’s computer system. The security solutions are used as follows:

  • Identification: Strong sender and recipient identification via e-identification.
  • Change protection: Digital signature.
  • View protection: Encryption, Session encryption SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128 bits.
  • Other: Authorisation categories, possible authorisation checks.

Approved Electronic ID’s in Bankgiro Link

  BankID on file BankID on card Mobile BankID Nordea* on card BxID on card
Citibank   x   x  
Danske bank   x x  
DNB     x    
BNP Paribas      
Ekobanken x x x    
ICA Banken x x      
Ikano Bank        
Länsförsäkringar x  
Marginalen Bank   x x    
Nordea   x  
SEB   x
Skandiabanken x x x    
Sparbanken Syd x x   x  
Swedbank   x x x  
Ålandsbanken   x   x  

 *Applies to CA 02, 08, 10, 12

Contact your bank to order suitable Electronic ID.

Contact your bank about the possibilities to connect to the service

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Lunar Bank


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