E-invoice Corporate

Sending or receiving electronic invoices between companies

E-invoice Corporate (E-faktura Företag)

By using electronic invoicing, both customers and suppliers can save time and money. Invoice issuers reduce their paper, printing and postage costs. Those who receive invoices have great opportunities for savings, since invoice processing is automated.

Using E-invoice Corporate has many advantages

  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • The invoice process is automated and therefore cost effective.
  • Order matching can be automated.
  • Higher quality invoices means fewer questions to customer service.
  • You are enabled to take part in procurements that have an e-invoicing requirement.
  • Following up on the business becomes easier: all invoice data can be searched for in the system.
  • The risk of fraud invoices is minimised.

All invoices in one file

If as a supplier you wish to send invoices to a customer that cannot process electronic invoices, you can use a supplementary service for print out of invoices. In this way, as the invoice issuer you can send all invoices in one file. Bankgirot split the file and forward invoices electronically to a print company or send them as a PDF attached to an e-mail.

Our collaboration

Bankgirot collaborates with most of the large operators. We are continuously working on extending our reach and we set up integrations with new operators every year.

How do I get started with the e-invoicing Corporate service?

Get in touch with the contact person at your bank or click on the bank below for more information.


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