Manual payments

There are various payment services for those who want to pay manually.

Manual payments (Manuella betalningar)

There are several options for those wishing to make manual payments. All are handled by Privatgirot. You can make manual payments over the counters at the bank or using forms that you send in via the banks’ payment services. The services available for manual payments are Bankgiro Direct, Tax Giro and Paper-based Payments. 

Bankgiro Direct (Bankgiro Direkt)

If your business does not have a computerised suppliers’ accounts, you use the paper-based payment service, Bankgiro Direct. This service means that you send business payments by post directly to Privatgirot.

Tax Giro (Skattegiro)

Tax Giro is a paper-based payment service for those who wish to send their companies’ payments by post.

Paper-based Payments (Blankettbetalningar)

Use the Paper-based Payments service if you do not have a computerised finance system and wish to pay over the counter at the bank.