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the payment market for 6 million
individuals and more than 500 000 companies.

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Send your files in time

In the calendar, select the date on which a payment is to be made, and you will receive information about which day the file needs to be at the latest at Bankgirot.

NOTE! If you send your file via the internet bank, your bank may have set an earlier end time. Check with your bank what times apply to them.

Good To Know

  1. Change the address linked to a Bankgiro number

    If you need to make make changes in the addess linked to your Bankgiro number, you should contact your bank.

  2. Programtorget and software provider

    Find out which software that supports the Bankgiro services and e-invoicing: make your search at Programtorget.

    As a software provider or business system developer you are important to Bankgirot. This information is directed to you.