Invoice services

The invoicing process is an important part of the payment flow. By managing it electronic becomes both cheaper and safer. Bankgirot offers several services that enable you to manage all your invoices electronically.

E-invoice for Internet Bank (E-faktura till Internetbank)

With the electronic invoicing services Bg E-invoice Private (Bg E-faktura Privat) and Bg E-invoice Corporate for the internet bank (Bg E-faktura Företag i Internetbanken), your company can send invoices quickly and cost-efficiently to customers, who then pay with the click of a button via their online bank.

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E-invoice Corporate (E-faktura Företag)

By using electronic invoicing, both customers and suppliers can save time and money. Invoice issuers reduce their paper, printing and postage costs. Those who receive invoices have great opportunities for savings, since invoice processing is automated.

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