Outgoing payments

Bankgirot offers effective and secure solutions for payments via your bankgiro number to all accounts in Swedish banks.

Manual payments (Manuella betalningar)

There are several options for those wishing to make manual payments. All are handled by Privatgirot. You can make manual payments over the counters at the bank or using forms that you send in via the banks’ payment services. The services available for manual payments is Paper-based Payments.

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Supplier Payments (Leverantörsbetalningar)

Supplier Payments (Leverantörsbetalningar) is a fully comprehensive payment service for paying invoices, salaries and taxes. This makes the company’s payment routines much simpler: the due date is monitored automatically and payments are made on the right date.

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Salaries (Löner)

With the service Salaries, you can easily pay salaries to your employees in Swedish kronor. The service is ideal for all businesses and organisations with a computerised salary system, and simplifies salary payments and other payments to employees. 

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