Bankgirot's Account request

For more efficient management and account validation

Account request

With Bankgirot's Account request, both questioner and payee are benefited regardless of bank affiliation. It guarantees that the payment is made to the right payee. Account requests are answered the same day they are submitted.

Account request benefits both the questioner and the payee regardless of bank affiliation. The service is for companies and authorities that make payments via account / bankgiro numbers to individuals and companies. The company that uses Account request submits the questions before 7 am and receives a reply the same day after 2 pm.

Why Account request?
Allows payments from the company to the payee much faster than previous weekly cycle. Account request meets the needs of the market that comes from the digital society. This results in reduced lead times, error-handling and resource efficiency improvements for companies and authorities with large volumes of payments.

Simplified administration
Many of the company's administrative payout routines are simplified when you start using Account request. Reduced lead times from control of the account to the payment, which leads to risk minimization with payments to correct accounts and better liquidity planning through fewer number of money orders in circulation.

There are various communication solutions with FTP for the file transfer between Bankgirot and your company that you can choose from:

  • FTP via Internet (VPN)
  • SFTP
  • Fixed connection via eg TCP/IP FTP
  • Connect Direct

If your company already has a connection with Bankgirot in any other service, (eg Supplier Payments, Autogiro, Salaries) it is possible to use the same communication for Account request.

For security reasons, all files sent to Bankgirot must be provided with electronic tamper protection (seal).


Account request to Bankgirot
Account verification from Bankgirot

Sample files
Account request to Bankgirot
Account verification from Bankgirot

More information
Contact your bank to find out more about how Account Issue works and how you connect to the service.

Contact your bank about the possibilities to connect to the service

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