Bankgiro Receivables (Bankgiro Inbetalningar) is a flexible service that is suitable both large and smaller companies that want smooth processing of receivables and customer accounts receivable.

Bankgiro Receivables (Bankgiro Inbetalningar) reports all receivables completely electronically in a uniform file format, called Bg Max, regardless of whether the customer has paid electronically or manually. The reporting file contains detailed information about each payment and facilitates reconciliation work, while also helping to create simpler and more efficient everyday routines.

Through the detailed information in the report,

  • You can tell immediately and clearly which customers have paid and which receivables in the customer accounts receivable can be marked as paid.
  • This also means less paperwork for you
  • You get improved conditions for automated processing in your finance system.
  • Receivables are reported the same day they are dealt with by Bankgirot.

Smart options

If as a business you want to even simpler processing of receivables, there are a number of additional services for Bankgiro Receivables. Your bank can inform you about these smart options:

  • OCR reference control - If you want to check the references upon payment via internet ­banking or wish to invoice with OCR notices.
  • Extended form registration If you want automatic reconciliation of accounts receivable and references on payment slips.
  • Image file - If you want the information included with the inward payment slip to be reported digitally in an image file.


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