You can find the technical manual on the page for the Bankgiro Receivables service, under the Technical information tab. 

Do you need to make a payment but you are missing the slip for transfer by giro or deposit?

Payment slips for persons not using the internet bank can be downloaded from Privatgirot's web site. They also have a user guide for how to proceed. The links below will take you to Privatgirot website and you are leaving

Deposits are currently reported in the account report. Each deposit is reported as one or more items in the file. The payments are sorted in sections that correspond to each deposit made into the bank account. There is a specific deposit item for each deposit. Separate deposit items are also created for example, intra-group and internal state payments.

The deposit item can therefore be reconciled with the deposit in the account report. Deposit items are created in the currency SEK. 

An OCR number is a specially formulated reference number that is usually found at the bottom of a payment advice slip.

Yes, every payment is assigned a code depending on how the payment was made – Internet payments, Supplier payments or Paper-based payments. This means that you can easily obtain statistics of the customer’s payment methods.

OCR reference check (option), approves: OCR 1 = soft check level, ref. no. with check digit, OCR 2 = hard check level, ref. no. with check digit, OCR 3 = hard check level, ref. no. with check digit and variable length check, OCR 4 = hard check level, ref. no. with check digit and fixed length check

If you have daily reporting, it will be available by 17:00. If you have chosen multiple reports per day, it will be available by 11:30, 14:00 and 17:00.

Yes, Bankgiro Receivables can be tested. The test period can run for 10 banking days.

If you want to be sure not to lose documentation, Electronic deposit Information via Internet may be an alternative.

Find out more about this service here at, and contact your bank to sign up for the service.

Please contact your bank for information about pricing.

No, Bankgirot does not offer an archive solution for Bankgiro Receivables. However, all reporting is electronic and is delivered in a file, which means that you can archive the reports electronically yourself.

Not for customers with Bankgiro Receivables. Reporting is available using the collected file format combined with Deposit information via the internet or image file.

The image file is a separate file that contains notification images of all paper-based payments (except OCR payments). This is a complement to the BgMax file, and is used by the company to see the payer’s written messages. If the company has not selected image files, all payments are reported in the Deposit information via the internet. 

The product meets the needs of both smaller and larger companies. In its simplest form, the company uses just one bankgiro number as a payment address for receivables and a simple piece of software which makes the information easy to read on-screen or to print out in a list.

As the company grows, the product can be expanded in stages. Electronic accounting is created from day one, and means that the company immediately notices that it gains control over its receivables.

The optional functions OCR control, extended form registration and image file allow for smoother reconciliation and control of the company’s receivables.

You can find out which software suppliers have the functionality for Bankgiro Receivables at Programtorget/Software by third parties.

You need the following:

  • An agreement with a bank that offers the service
  • A business system that can deal with Bankgiro Receivables
  • A communication solution that has been approved by Bankgirot 

No, it is not possible to receive paper reports in Bankgiro Receivables. 

TIFF is a file format for storing images, in this case images of deposit notifications. TIFF is a format with widespread use within the IT industry, and can often be processed by existing systems. You can find information about TIFF online.

Yes, Bankgirot always includes these details if the information is included in the payment from the sender or in Bankgirot’s register. If the payer is a sole proprietorship, the civic registration number is sent because this counts as a company registration number in this case. 

The agreement for Bankgiro Receivables can be found in the bank’s ordinary system for bankgiro agreement management. 

Extended form registration means that Bankgirot includes any payment references that the payer has written on the deposit notification in the file. The report is therefore extra rich in content, with better conditions for automatic checking of the accounts receivable ledger.

COD (Postförskott) can be linked to Bankgirot's services Bankgiro number and Bangiro incoming payments. 

More information about COD can be obtained from Posten via:

• Posten's website,
• Posten Customer Service, 020-23 22 20

  • Bankgiro Receivables is a comprehensive payment service that creates simple, effective processing routines for receivables and reconciliation of the accounts receivable ledger.
  • Since all reporting is electronic your company also has the option of automating the reconciliation work.
  • Bankgiro Receivables is a flexible service that suits both larger and smaller companies wanting to automate and optimise the processing of receivables and the accounts receivable ledger.
  • Bankgiro Receivables has a number of standard functions and can also be expanded with various options, adapted according to your company and its needs.

There is no sum total for the entire file, but there is a total per deposit.

Yes, Bankgirot’s sample files are adapted for systems developers who want to see what files and image files look like. The sample files contain reports for various types of payments.

The file examples for Bankgiro receivables are to be found on the page Technical information attached to Bankgiro receivalbles.

Yes, in Bankgiro Receivables you can agree to receive the report once a day or per credit batch. In other words, the report is created with the same frequency as deposits are made to the bank account, currently three times per day.