Bankgiro number (Bg Bankgironummer)

With a Bankgiro number you can direct the company’s funds to whichever bank account you want.

Bankgiro number (Bg Bankgironummer)

If you would like to be able to make or receive payments via Bankgiro, you will need a Bankgiro number. This will allow you to direct the funds to whichever bank account you want.

When payments from a sender to a recipient are made via internet banking, supplier payments and envelope services, bankgiro numbers are used. These numbers are the basic requirement for payments via bankgiro to work.

One of the advantages of having a bankgiro number for your company is that you can direct incoming payments via this bankgiro number directly to the correct bank account. You can therefore be sure that the funds will be available in the account from which outgoing payments will be made. You get a clear overview of the company’s finances, allowing for liquidity planning so that overdrafts do not have to be used unnecessarily.

It does not matter which bank your business uses. You can easily register one or more bankgiro numbers to the same bank account as required.

It is the company’s or organisation’s bank that updates and is responsible for Bankgirot’s principal register containing the correct information. I.e if you need to change an adress connected to a Bankgiro number, you need to contact your bank.

More advantages of a Bankgiro number

  • It is secure. The company does not need to provide an account number in order to receive payments.
  • It is easy for the company to change banks. The new bank only needs to change the account number – all Bankgirot’s products are transferred to the new bank

Contact your bank about the possibilities to connect to the service

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