Direct debit (Bg Autogiro)

Direct debit (Bg Autogiro) ensures that your customers pay automatically on the exact due date, as the payments arrive at the right time.

Direct debit (Bg Autogiro)

The Direct debit (Bg Autogiro) service is aimed at companies that wish to make it easy and convenient for their customers to pay on time. With Direct debit (Bg Autogiro), payments are taken care of smoothly and securely. The money is automatically withdrawn from the payer's account on the due date, which means that neither you nor the payer need to monitor any due dates.

With Direct debit (Bg Autogiro), your company always knows when your customers' payments come into your bank account, because the payments are made automatically on the due date. This means it is easier to keep a check on cash flow because you are paid on time, while at the same time your customers do not need to keep track of bills and due dates or risk late payment charges.

This is how Direct debit works

Direct debit (Bg Autogiro) is based on a mandate between company and customer. Your company can offer customers the chance to register for payments by Direct debit (Bg Autogiro) mandate via a website, internet bank or on paper. 

The service is completely electronic. You manage the company's payments and mandates on files that you can easily create in your business system and send to Bankgirot. You can also automate reconciliation in the accounts receivable ledger.

With Direct debit (Bg Autogiro), you also have access to the web service Autogiro Online, which manages mandates and payments. In the online service, your company can change or cancel a payment, register new mandates or change or close a payer's mandate. The service is available 24 hours a day.

The service has two optional functions to enable establishing a mandate electronically:

  • Mandate via Web page means that your customers can register for Direct debit (Bg Autogiro) via your company's web page or via a link in an e-mail.
  • Mandate via Internet Bank means that your customers can sign up for Direct debit (Bg Autogiro) directly via their internet bank.

You can obtain more information about the optional functions from your bank.


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