With online banking, you can easily and conveniently deal with your payments via Autogiro. Online banking allows you to: view your mandates, cancel mandates, change the bank account for Autogiro withdrawals (within your bank). 

With Autogiro, your bills are paid automatically on the due date. This means that every time a payment is due you avoid having to enter long numbers of digits on your computer, fill in and post bills or queue up to pay.

Autogiro: the banking day before payment by 19:00

Supplier payments: the banking day before payment by 19:00

Salaries/account deposits (and salaries in Supplier payments): two banking days before payment by 19:00.

Please note that if you send the file via the Internet bank, your bank may have an earlier end time. Check with your bank what times they apply.

Remember that Bankgirot monitors payments so that the payment is made on the right day. Please submit your payment in plenty of time.

Observe! Swedish bank holidays

6 June and Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are days that may fall on a weekday but are not banking days. http://www.riksbank.se/en/Calender/Bank-Holidays/

To get started with Autogiro, you need to sign a mandate with the payee, e.g. the company/organisation you will be paying. Through this mandate, we agree that your payments will be taken automatically from your bank account on the due date. Contact the company/organisation in question. 

The easiest way is to sign a mandate electronically with the payee. You can do this via your online banking service or via a form on the payee’s website. 

You can contact the company with which you have an Autogiro mandate. You can also cancel via your online banking service.

Contact the company you want to pay. You can also register via your online banking service. 

You can contact the company with which you have an Autogiro mandate, or you can contact your bank who can also help you to stop a withdrawal.  

To connect to Autogiro, you need to contact your bank as it is the bank that you sign up to an agreement for the service with. You can find out more about how Autogiro works in the user manual

Inform your new bank that you have Autogiro mandates, and they will help you to transfer the mandates to your new bank account.

A mandate is an authorisation for the payee (the company) to charge the payer’s account on the due date.

You will receive a notification no later than eight working days before the money is debited. Some companies send out a message at the beginning of the year detailing the payment dates and the amounts that will be debited. You will need to contact the company in question for detailed information about your payments. 

When a payment is due to be made, Bankgirot carries out a balance check enquiry with your bank. The balance check enquiry is made early in the morning of the payment date. To find out why the bank said your balance was insufficient, you will need to contact your bank. 

To change the due date, you need to contact the payee. 

Contact the company you want to pay to. You can also search for companies that offer Autogiro via your internetbank. 

There are two ways to cancel an Autogiro mandate. You can either cancel it via Autogiro Online or submit a cancellation task by file to Bankgirot.