Graphics profile and logo

Bankgirot is our registered trademark. Our logo consists of two parts, the symbol and the name, which shall always be employed together. Here are instructions about how you may utilise our logo.

Use our logo correctly!

Our logo consists of two parts, the symbol and the name, which may not be separated. It is not permitted to alter the logo’s proportions, colour or modify it in any other way.

There is a free area around the logo. By respecting this free area, we avoid adjacent information being perceived as part of the logo. The free areas consequently shows the minimum permitted distance to all other information, and to the outer edge of the material to which the logo is being applied. The area around makes the logo more visible and makes it clear who the sender is.

As you can see below, the free area must be at least a symbol’s width above, below and to the sides of the logo.

Bankgirot's logotype with free area around

The zip file with different versions of the logo are to be found on the right side for downloading.

Several logos in combination

In certain contexts, our logo can be seen together with other brands, such as together with the banks’ logos or those of other business partners. This is regulated in the agreement between Bankgirot and the party in question, and their use is then handled by the Communications department.

As a guidance, Bankgirot’s logo should clearly be separated from other logos in order for the free area to be respected. 

If several logos are presented in connection to each other, the size of the Bankgirot logo will be such that it is perceived as being as big as the others.

Bankgirot's logotype in combination with partner's logotype

To ensure that everything is correct, you should always contact the Communications department to find out what applies in the particular case in question.

Link to Bankgirot’s homepage

You are welcome to link to, but follow the guidelines below. Upon general links to our website, the link’s name shall be one of the following:


Note that linking can only be done from homepages which are not:

  • An infringement of another party’s rights
  • Perceived as immoral, offensive, insulting, racist, violent or in any other way unsuitable
  • Against the law, ordinances or other authority’s directions

If you want to link to a special page

The link’s name shall always contain the name "Bankgirot".

  • Upon specific links to a service or special page, the link’s name shall given an explanation of what the link refers to, e.g. "To Bankgirot’s offers",
  • "Bankgirot’s e-invoice ", "Read more about Bankgirot’s Autogiro" or similar.
  • The link is positioned so that it is clearly seen that Bankgirot is not the sender of the contents on the pages which link to Bankgirot.