Our offer

Since 1959, Bankgirot has provided the underlying financial infrastructure for processing payments and payment information. Every day all year round Bankgirot generates a fast and secure flow of transactions, which also makes us the central hub of the Swedish financial system.

Clearing and settlement

Clearing and Settlement is the core of Bankgirot's operations and through this service Bankgirot contributes to guaranteeing security and keeping down costs in the financial system. This operation is licensed by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and supervised by Sweden's central bank, the Riksbank.


Payments in the Bankgiro System and associated services comprise Bankgirot's historical origin. With the Payments in Real Time payment system, Bankgirot even enables interbank transfers in real time. The first service to make use of the Payments in Real Time platform is the mobile payment solution Swish, which can now be joined by new innovative payment flows.

Digital services

Bankgirot offers services to banks and the banks' joint companies based on shared IT solutions and related peripheral services. The offering includes operation, administration and development in the areas of electronic identification and signatures and mobile payments. Additionally, we also offer services for electronic invoicing and information management that enable the digitisation of day-to-day finances.