Our payment systems

Bankgirot has two payment systems. The Bankgiro system, constitutes Bankgirots historical starting point and Payments in real time, is a young system that makes it possible for us to send money to each other instantly.

The Bankgiro System (Bankgirosystemet) started in 1959. During the years, the system has grown and now it offers a wide range of services for incoming and outgoing payments. The Bankgiro System is an open system, which means that if Bankgirots requirements for participation are met, an organization can get access to the system. The Bankgiro System is based on Bankgironumbers. A Bankgironumber allows you to  choose account for your payments - even if you change banks. 

In late 2012 the system Payments in real time (Betalningar i realtid) was launched - a completely new payment system. The payments in real-time settlement is made immediately around the clock, all year round. The system is based on international standards such as ISO20022 and XML which opens up more business opportunities. The payment system has gained a great deal of both national and international attention. 

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