Digital services

In its range of Digital services, Bankgirot intends to focus increasingly on the continued development of an infrastructure that cost-effectively supports the banks and companies in the digitalisation of their businesses, so as to eventually create a sustainable paperless society.

Digital services has devised two value propositions: Digital information and Digital solutions.

Digital invoices, documents and messages

Digital information provides electronic messages and documents that are linked to the private or business economy and that become building blocks in digital business flows and provide increased competitiveness for companies, banks and other financial institutions. Examples of services include electronic invoicing, other messages and digitising delivery invoices.

Electronic identification, signing and mobile payments

The Digital solutions area develops and manages IT solutions that are common to all the banks and provides peripheral services, so as to use economies of scale to reduce IT costs for customers and/or contribute to the realisation of IT-driven innovation projects for the industry. Bankgirot is currently responsible for development for all the banks in the areas of electronic identification, mobile payments and business services for easy connection to identification and signature.