Bankgiro Link is based on secure communication via the internet and secure identification of the user using an eID.

Information about your files is presented on-screen, showing you which files have been dealt with by Bankgirot and which file information you can download to your accounting system.

The bank and Bankgirot check that the person paying or downloading payment information via the internet has the right to do so. 

Read more about Bankgiro Link here. 

You do not need to make any changes to your accounting system in order to use Bankgiro Link. However consult with your software provider if you have any questions about this.

Software support for Bankgiro Link may be built into your accounting or business system. Check with your supplier how things work in the system you use.

You can search Bankgirot's website’s Software by third parties (Programtorget) function and find out which software companies support Bankgiro Link.

You sign all bankgiro agreements with your bank. You must also sign a Bankgiro Link agreement with your bank.

You should also request an eID from your bank, which is required in order to use Bankgiro Link.

To send files online, you need the Bankgiro Link communication software and an agreement with the bank. You should therefore contact your bank.

  • An accounting system that can create bankgiro files.
  • An internet connection via modem or broadband.
  • Bankgiro Link software to sign and send payment tasks and a card reader.
  • An eID for each person who will use the service.
  • A Bankgiro Link agreement with your bank.
  • If your bank deals with authorisation issues, you will need an authorisation with the bank for those people who will be able to sign payments. Check this with your bank.

See the list at this address:

Bankgiro Link has been created so that the files are protected against access and alteration when they are “transported” via the internet to and from your accounting system. You also identify yourself using the same technology as when you complete your tax return online. More information about protection of files is available att the page about Tamper protection.

Act early. Changing your means of communication can take a while. To minimise the risk, you should not make changes during salary week or around the turn of the month. Prepare well, and obtain the equipment you need before making agreement changes with the bank.

User rights refers to the right to use the Bankgiro Link service, such as sending or obtaining files via Bankgirot.

Authorisation refers to a certain person’s right to deal with the company’s account at the bank, e.g. to withdraw money or make payments. Authorisation is signed with the bank in connection with agreeing to use Bankgiro Link or BgCom.

At the same time, you also notify the bank which people will be authorised to use the service. 

Bankgiro Link contains three user rights:

  • Send file
  • Approve file
  • Obtain file

You can divide these user rights categories between your employees to further increase the security of administering the company’s payments.

Of course, you can also choose to allow one person to have all user rights. You register which people should have which user rights with your bank. 

You can agree via your contact at the bank on the number of people needed jointly in order to approve a file before it is released for processing. This will be the minimum number needed in order for the file to be sent for processing.

You can also set how many people should approve the file in your Bankgiro Link software. This information is sent with the file, and is then stored at Bankgirot. This number can be higher but not lower than the number stated with the bank.

Bankgirot checks that enough people have approved the payment. In certain cases, Bankgirot also carries out a check against the bank’s authorisation register.

The agreement contains information about which people will have the right to send, approve and/or retrieve files in Bankgiro Link. We need this information at Bankgirot to check that the right person is dealing with your payments.