Whistleblowing (Reporting irregularities)

Bankgirot's business is licensed and must be conducted in accordance with current laws, legislation, rules and permits. The business must be conducted honestly, fairly and professionally and in a manner that that maintains public confidence in the payment system and Bankgirot’s activities in general.

If you as a partner or other external party, consultant or employee observe conduct that could potentially be unethical or illegal, you can report these irregularities via Bankgirot’s whistleblower procedure.

Whistleblowing refers primarily to reports involving people in senior positions within Bankgirot. An anonymous report can be made. You will not suffer any consequences as a result of reporting, neither at the time of reporting nor in the future.

This is how External reporting is done: 

by means of a letter to Bankgirot, 105 19 Stockholm

or by leaving the letter in the reception at Palmfeltsvägen 5 during weekdays between the hours of 08:00 - 17:00

The envelope must be marked “To be opened by the Security Manager of Bankgirot/Bankgirots Säkerhetschef tillhanda”