New calendar function helps you with date of payment files

12/14/2015 We have a new calendar function on our web that helps you to keep track of the last date for sending in your file to ensure that salaries or supplier payments are paid in time or that Autogiro (direct debit) is drawn on the right day.

You can find the calendar on the Swedish start page.

What you do: 

  1. Start by ticking the service you wish to send files to.
  2. Then mark which day in the month you wish payments or withdrawals to be made.
  3. When you have done this, the calendar shows the last date and time when your file must be with Bankgirot.

 If you see a stop symbol in the calendar, this means that this is not a bank day and the payment cannot be made, or it may be that this date has already passed.

Test the calendar today and find out when in December you must have your files ready for delivery to Bankgirot. 

An English version is under development but until it is ready to be released we refer to the Swedish version.