You need the following:

  • An agreement with a bank that offers the service
  • A business system that can deal with electronic invoices
  • A communication solution that has been approved by Bankgirot.

Bankgirot's Programtorget/Software by third parties function includes details of all software that supports the bank's e-invoicing service. 

  • BGC Invoice is Bankgirot's in-house format for e-invoices
  • Svefaktura is an electronic invoice that has been drawn up within Single Face To Industry (SFTI), public sector collaboration forum for e-commerce. 

A CTD (Certified Technical Distributor) is a defined role within e-invoicing to private individuals. The CTD deals with the technical distribution of e-invoices between the invoice issuer and the recipients’ online banks, and thereby acts as a subcontractor to Nordea or Swedbank

A service bureau is a party that sends and receives files on behalf of the bank customer, An intermediator is a party which – like Bankgirot – acts as an invoicing node, and with which Bankgirot has file traffic.

E-invoicing is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective automated invoicing process. It features automatic order matching and ensures the high quality of incoming payments, and the invoice quality means fewer customer service enquiries. All your invoice data is searchable in your systems, and the process of monitoring business transactions is simplified. Using e-invoicing gives you better opportunities to take part in more procurements that require e-invoicing. You also minimise the risk of fake invoices.