Bankgirot communication service for SWIFTNet

Access to secure and standardised financial communication

Bankgirot communication service for SWIFTNet

Bankgirot offers banks and companies cost-efficient and easy access to SWIFTNet, the global network for secure and standardised financial communication, by working together with the SWIFT Service Bureau D+H Switzerland GmbH.

Bankgirot’s communication service for SWIFTNet (Bg Kommunikationstjänst för Swiftnet) offers SWIFT members a complete, easily accessible and secure SWIFTNet connection without the need for major investment.

With the service, you can start using SWIFTNet on a small scale before simply adding additional services or volumes of messages, files or data as the need arises. This means you only pay for what you use instead of making huge investments in your own infrastructure.

With the service, you avoid having to make major investments in hardware and software and costs related to employing or keeping specialised and expensive SWIFT competence.

How the service works

Bankgirot’s service offers SWIFT members a complete, easily accessible and secure SWIFTNet connection via SWIFTService Bureau D+H Switzerland GmbH. As a new customer, you will be connected to the services quickly and receive a contact person at Bankgirot for support and other matters. As well as the connection, we also offer additional services, such as message conversion and reconciliation. 

Through the service you have access to every SWIFTNet service and can select the services you want based on your specific requirements. You can connect to SWIFTNet through a simple client-based solution or through a more integrated solution for communication application to application depending on your need.

Comments about Bankgirot and the service

“By handing the management of our transactions in SWIFTNet to Bankgirot, we can benefit from their high-level competence and ensure our payments are handled reliably at the same time. We have great confidence in Bankgirot and their long experience of payment handling and through our co-operation, we hope to keep our infrastructure updated as SWIFT develops.” Per Olof Skarstedt, Head of Cards and Payments at Länsförsäkringar Bank.