Bg PKI Services

Secure electronic identification

Bg PKI Services

Bankgirot’s Bg PKI Services give you the infrastructure to create and handle public key certificates and a smart solution for more secure electronic communication.

Secure electronic communication requires some form of electronic equivalent to traditional ID documents. Electronic identification (eID), signing and encryption add security in various business situations.

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a technology that enables secure and safe communication between various systems and users. The technology has been well tested and is used in many Bankgirot products. PKI also helps to create secure e-commerce solutions by identifying, encrypting and signing for transactions.

How Bankgirot can help you with secure communication

The foundation of a PKI solution is the public key certificate. This acts as an eID document for identification during a connection or transaction. Public key certificates also enable a smooth encryption process to ensure that only authorised individuals can receive information that has been sent. Electronic certificates are distributed by a certification authority (CA), which guarantees that the certificate contains the correct information about the certificate holder.

Bankgirot offers a complete solution to be able to distribute, revoke and check public key certificates in the safest possible way, round the clock. We solve every basic requirement and function of a CA with our secure, flexible and scalable PKI Services.

Having an outsourced solution, instead of investing in your own internal PKI, reduces the complexity around PKI and allows the company to focus on its business instead of infrastructure.

The following basic components are included:

  • Issuing of certificates
  • Revoking of certificates
  • Certificate status and revocation checking
  • Catalogue
  • Statistics and reports

Getting started with Bg PKI Services

We work with specialists, internet consultants and IT providers who can integrate PKI into your company’s services offering and adapt the interface for your customers. We can also work directly with your company’s IT department.