Information and support regarding software that supports Bankgirots services

These pages are for software providers or business system developers.

Here you can find information and support on how to develop functions for the exchange of files between your business system and the Bankgiro system, for example manuals and test files.

You will also find our popular search engine Programtorget, on which you can register software that supports Bankgirot's payment and e-invoice services.

We are working towards a common goal

As a software provider or business system developer you are important to Bankgirot. The solutions we develop and operate for processing of payments and payment information are based on collaboration with you as software providers.

Bankgirot supports you

  • Use our competence to increase the customer benefits in your payment solutions – we are happy to describe the benefits of different functions that can give your software the advantage.
  • You can present your software in Bankgirot's market place Programtorget/Software from third parties.
  • Our collaboration with the banks in the Bankgiro system makes it possible to reach a large number of potential customers.
  • We are the market leader in mass payments. When you build support for our solutions into your products, you reach a wide-ranging customer potential.
  • Subscribe to one or more RSS feeds and follow the products and services that affect you. You will then receive information about all updates to services and alterations.
  • We would like to invite you to a dialogue on future methods of payment.

This is Programtorget

Bankgirot's Programtorg is a much appreciated search engine for companies and bank employees seeking information about which software supports the bankgiro services and e-invoicing.

As a software provider, Programtorget is your market place, in which you can present your software to potential customers looking for new solutions.

The purpose of Programtorget is to increase customer benefits and create clarity for our joint customers by simply and smoothly presenting the right solution for their needs. As a software provider, you are welcome to make use of this market place free of charge.

Which programs suit a certain format or can handle a certain servide are questions that are frequently put to both Bankgirot and the banks. That is why we are keen to ensure that business, finance and payroll systems have functioning adaptations to the bank giro system's format and interface.

In order to ensure that Programtorget publishes up to date information we classify all software according to the so-called Bankgirot Classification. If your software becomes Bankgirot classified, this means that it fulfils Bankgirot's conditions and that the information about the software can be published on Programtorget.

What is Bankgirot Classification and how does it work?

Bankgirot-Classification is done for each service or product, which means that a program (business, finance or payroll system) can be Bankgirot classified for Leverantörsbetalningar (Supplier Payments) but not for Autogiro (Direct Debit).

If a program is classified for Bankgiro Inbetalningar (Bankgiro receivables) for example, this means that the program meets the criteria that have been set for this service. The criteria have been devised by Bankgirot for the purpose of ensuring quality and security. One criterion might for example be that the program uses the latest layouts and can manage acknowledgements of files.

The classification does not imply any certification and does not mean that Bankgirot tests your program.

How to get your software Bankgirot classified and published on Programtorget

  • Apply for registration on Programtorget. As part of the application, you attest that the products you are registering fulfil Bankgirot's requirements and then your software becomes Bankgirot classified.
  • The information about the software is checked by Bankgirot and approved for publication on Bankgirot's website.
  • It is you as the developing company who is responsible for ensuring that the software really fulfils the criteria for Programtorget.