An organisation with both challenges and opportunities

Bangirot is a workplace with an eye for innovation and quality. There is tremendous commitment among our employees to create customer benefits in every situation. Bankgirot is constantly working to have the right conditions to maintain the high quality in deliverance to the customer.

We also know that we must face the future with proactive and fully competent services and advice, together with cutting-edge technical development. An organisation must always adapt to reality and provide the necessary conditions for utilising the available capacity in the best possible way; each and every one of us must take the right actions. This is why we've reviewed existing roles and functions, initiated a competence survey to identify any gaps and created a new unit for project and delivery control, which will better support our mission.

Security, quality and competitive prices are, as always, essential to everything we do. To this we can also add our responsibility for the continual development of innovative solutions that provide both ourselves and our customers with the necessary conditions to meet the challenges of the future payments market.

Are you interested in joining Bankgirot?

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