Cooperation with Hello World!

Bankgirot has entered partnership with Hello World!, an voluntary association that promotes children’s and young people’s interest in digital creativity.

The association is running camps during school holidays and weekend Meetups with digital creativity on the agenda. These are places where children and young people aged 7-18 can meet and help each other and be coached by leaders who are students from the Royal Institute of Technology and similar universities. 

Hello World!’s goal is that in the future Sweden will have sufficient IT skills to secure the country’s competitiveness and that there will be as many girls as boys among the digital stars of the future. The vision is to make digital creativity easily accessible to all children and young people, irrespective of previous knowledge and financial prerequisites.

Meet-up at Hello World!

By entering partnership with Hello World!, Bankgirot can help to ensure that Sweden will have sufficient IT skills in the future. We can help to make digital creativity easily accessible for more young people irrespective of their previous knowledge.

By helping Hello World!, Bankgirot is contributing to light up more digital stars”.

Hello Worlds website can be found here, but the site is only in Swedish:  http://helloworld.seLogotypeHelloWorld!