Our RSS service

Our RSS service allows you to keep track of changes within Bankgirot's services and products. You can use a browser and some email clients help you manage the RSS news feed.

How to subscribe on our RSS feed RSS-ikon, RSS-icon

You can choose to get all news or select news by service.
In order not to miss out on anything - please subscribe to All News . 

When you click on the topics that interest you, a customised link is generated according to your choices. When you are done, you download the link above "Your customised RSS flow" and past it into your RSS reader. 

What is RSS?

RSS is used to display summary or full content of text, for example, from the web, along with a (permanent) link to the original location , known as syndication.
The information is presented as an XML file, which is generally called RSS feed, RSS file, RSS stream or RSS channel .
Historically, an orange icon with the acronyms XML or RSS used to alert web page visitor that it is possible to subscribe or syndicate your content on a website.

Some browsers require extensions
to be able to read RSS

Internet Explorer and Firefox handles RSS feeds without having to do anything . If you use Google Chrome , you need to install an extension .

RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome can be downloaded for free from the Chrome Web Store.

Examples of e -mail application that supports RSS:
Microsoft Outlook

Read more about RSS on Wikipedia.