60 years of Bankgirot in 2019

Since the start on November 16, 1959, Bankgirot has guaranteed and digitized the Swedish payment market. From having handled 47 payments a day to today managing 6,000,000 payments per day, Bankgirot has for 60 years contributed to the economic everyday life functioning smoothly for 6 million individuals and about 500,000 companies.

BG 60 år

In 1959, the company consisted of a few employees, mostly part-time housewives, who manually ensured that payments were registered correctly. The first day with the new Bankgirot 47 payments was processed via Bankgirot.

Today, 60 years later, Bankgirot is a company with a socially responsible function in the banking and payment industry. This means that at Bankgirot we are very proud when we say that we are Sweden's most experienced fintech company. Every day, Bankgirot transfers SEK 68 billion, manages 1,200 customer cases and processes 1.1 million mobile payments. Among other things.

Now, at Bankgirot, we are looking forward to many new years in a financial market in great change and digitization.